Fees and Dues

Adult Application fee: $100

Supplemental Application fee: $75
A supplemental proves additional lines of descent from other Mayflower passengers

Yearly dues: $30

Junior Membership: $5

Transfer from the Utah Society: $10 if dues are paid up. If dues are not current, dues are required for the current year and the year when membership lapsed. If you should wish to end your Mayflower membership, you should resign rather than let your membership lapse for non-payment of dues, just in case you change your mind and want to be later reinstated.

The Utah Society does not charge a fee to transfer into the society as a member in good standing from any other state society. Also, dues are not charged for the year of transfer.

2 thoughts on “Fees and Dues

  1. Russell Robertson

    The last time I paid dues was for the calendar year of 2013 then membership dues notices have not been sent to me. I am a lifetime member of the General Society #61738. My Utah membership is #587. Any help with the membership matter would be greatly be appreciated and most welcomed.

    Thank you. Russell


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