The Utah Society

History of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Utah

At the Annual Board of Assistants Meeting on November 8, 1947, in New York City, it was reported that Mr. Robert F. Redfield of the Texas Society was sponsoring a new society in the state of Utah.  The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Utah was organized primarily by John Mason Boutwell, a descendant of Francis Cooke.  Mr. Boutwell worked energetically and tirelessly to develop the initial membership needed to form a Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Utah.  The Charter was presented to the Utah Society on August 30, 1948.  Mr. Boutwell attended the 18th General Congress in Plymouth, Massachusetts, September 13-15, 1948, and was introduced to the Board of Assistants.

First Slate of Officers

Governor: Mr. John Mason Boutwell
Recording Secretary: Mrs. Mildred E. (Tuttle) Stockman
Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Edith (Smith) Elliott

General Officers

Deputy Governor General: Mr. John Mason Boutwell, elected September 10, 1951
Assistant General: Mr. Charles C. Parsons, elected September 10, 1951

Charter Members

Mr. John Mason Boutwell
Hon. Reva (Beck) Bosone
Mr. Harlow Eldridge Smoot
Rev. Mortimer Chester
Mr. Sereno Bayard Tuttle
Mrs. Eunice Howard
Mr. Riley Cooper
Mr. Horace Chipman Beck
Miss Zilpha Teresa Bosone
Mr. Clarence Marion Beck
Mrs. Mildred E. (Tuttle) Stockman
Mrs. Elva (Chipman) Olpin
Mr. Sydney B. Cooper
Mr. Robert Wallace
Mr. Dorius LuZell Chipman
Mr. Palmer Hall Cushman
Mr. George Albert Smith
Mrs. Emily (Smith) Stewart
Mrs. Edith (Smith) Elliott
Mr. Samuel P. Smoot
Mr. Reed Smoot
Dr. Seth Eldridge Smoot
Mrs. Anita (Smoot) Hammond
Mr. Benjamin L. Rich
Mrs. Andrea (Rich) Watkins
Mr. Harold Pegram Fabian
Mr. James Harold Hance
Mr. Carl J. Harris
Mr. George Albert Smith, Jr.

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